Oncology Club.

Bangladesh Oncology Club is a Platform for all fighting cancer – doctors, cancer survivors, social workers, philanthropists, journalists & media workers, Drug manufacturers and researchers, hospitals & diagnostic laboratories and others. Founded in 1999, the Club has been guided by the central goal of improving cancer care and prevention. Before that in 1998 concept of Oncology Club was formulated by Prof. A B M F Karim and it was shared amongst interested person. Oncology Club is committed to advancing education of the oncologists and oncology professionals, fostering communication among cancer related medical subspecialties and the exchange of wide range of ideas related to cancer, to advocate policies that provide access to high quality cancer care, and to supporting the clinical trial programs and the need for increased clinical and patient oriented research. As the architect of SFO, Oncology Club is playing remarkable responsibility for the betterment of oncology arena of this region. While the updating of the knowledge of the oncologists is a satisfactory ongoing process everywhere, here in Bangladesh- the need for further intense anticancer activities e.g. public awareness and prevention activities against cancer is being gradually undertaken. There is hardly any initiative at all to bring them together along with the local specialists to improve the quality of care resulting in better survival for millions of patients afflicted with cancer in this region. Bangladesh has participated and organized in all of the SFO Conferences that includes - Bangladesh (2001), Nepal (2003), India (2005), Pakistan (2007), Sri Lanka (2009), Bhutan (2011), Bangladesh (2012), Nepal (2013), India (2014) and in Pakistan (2015). SFO conference gives us the opportunity to meet the experts of this region from all over the world as well as other foreign galaxies in oncology.

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