Hands-on Training on Head & Neck Cancer and Lung Cancer

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Recognizing the specific developmental challenges of radiotherapy treatment in Bangladesh, Oncology Club is collaborating with IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) & BAEC (Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission) to arrange training programs under specific projects. This ties has been made to achieve a sustainable system in order to develop and maintain an adequate number of trained personnel on radiation oncology.

On 15 May -19 May 2016 a joint national training program on ‘Hands-on Training on Head & Neck Cancer and Lung Cancer’ was organized by Oncology Club, Bangladesh, with the support of IAEA and BAEC at INMAS, Dhaka. Respected faculty like Dr. J. P. Agarwal, Dr. Sarbani Gosh Laskar and Mr. Rajesh Ashok Kinnhikar from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai were present during the week long session. A number of 30 radiation oncologists & Medical Physicists from different institutions participated the session with great enthusiasm. A major objective of this program was to make the participants of the session to connect the issues included in the lectures with the practical realities in their own clinical environment.

As a part of this effort of fostering information exchange and promotion of education and technical assistance, Oncology Club is going to organize another week long training session on ‘National Training Course on Cervical Cancer & Genitourinary Malignancies’ on 7 August – 11 August 2016. Mr. Tharmarnadar Ganesh, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Vienna International Centre & Mr. Shyam Kishore Shrivastava, Department of Atomic Energy, Tata Memorial Centre, Tata Memorial Hospital will be the faculty for the proposed training program.

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